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Mavenlink + Digital Agency Day

REcorded webinar | Jan 28th 2016

10 Biggest Mistakes Agencies Make When They Grow ... And How to Avoid Them


Let’s be real: You love the creative side of marketing and advertising. You didn’t get into this because you love running the business. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a crash course on best business practices for a growing agency, so you can get back to focusing on what you love? We thought so too.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the common mistakes agencies make as they grow — and practical tips to avoid them. Some of the best practices you will walk away with include:

  1. Questions to answer to make smart hiring decisions, such as knowing when to contract.
  2. How to introduce new service offerings successfully.
  3. Why you should manage each project as a separate P&L to grow your margins.
  4. Learning to write great SOWs.
Your Speakers
Curt Worsey
Curt Worsey
Business Management Consultant, Mavenlink
Curt is a senior executive with 35 years of experience delivering Management, Operations, and Business Intelligence services to clients ranging from fortune 100 multinationals to early-stage, high-growth companies. At Mavenlink, he works closely with firms like yours to develop in depth analysis and insights that improve business performance.
Meghan Heffernan
Meghan Heffernan
Director of Marketing Communications, Mavenlink
Meghan is a 15-year PR pro with nearly a decade of experience specifically at leading firms including Edelman and Hill Knowlton. She has worked in PR in both the United States and Asia Pacific (APAC). Meghan currently works with Mavenlink to help firms like yours develop best practices for project delivery and financial management.

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Mavenlink + Digital Agency Day

This webinar is hosted by Mavenlink as a participant of Digital Agency Day.
For questions about the webinar please email us at info (at) mavenlink (dot) com.

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