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The Need for a New Approach is Urgent

As the complexity of delivering services continues to accelerate, so do the complexities surrounding resource management.

As projects progress, resource managers and project managers struggle to visualize how fluctuating resource needs affect project success and profitability. There is one certainty: resource change happens and will continue to happen, and businesses that are unable to react quickly in this Service Level Economy will ultimately struggle to survive. The need for a new approach is urgent.

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To combat this, an exciting new model has emerged that approaches resource management as a dynamic, holistic process: it’s called Full Cycle Resource Management.

With Mavenlink, not only will our people be more fully engaged, but we'll also be able to easily resolve downtime and get the most out of our internal talent.

Brandon Ledford

Vice President, Human Capital, MGT Consulting Group


Increase the Accuracy of Your Estimates: Create a unified estimation model.


Match the Right Skills for the Right Task: Analyze your employees’ skills.


Create Healthy Tension Between Resource and Project Management: Set up a regular meeting between project and resource managers.


Measure Profit & Loss at the Project Level: Use a detailed profit and loss template.


Make the Most of the Post-Mortem Process: Build post-mortem reviews into your project lifecycle.