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the new name for Mavenlink | Kimble

Outcomes Engineering

Your Formula for Success

Success is about more than just providing a great product or service, it’s providing long-lasting value to your clients. By focusing on outcomes instead of project outputs you can enhance results that help you stand out from the competition.

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You will learn the fundamentals of outcomes and how to reshape your approach to projects. You will also learn how to go beyond the service or product that you deliver and focus on long-term impact and increasing client satisfaction.

“Mavenlink has done all the things that we wanted and has given us the ability to solve our problems today and proactively solve any that may arise in the future. We’re pushing the boundaries of our processes and learning to better analyze the data we are collecting.”

Richard Cirillo

Managing Director, Taylors Development Strategists


5 Steps to Decipher Your Project Outcomes


Comparing Positive and Negative Outcomes


Engineering Success by Building Outcome Chains


Succeeding by Creating an Outcomes Library


Aligning Outcomes and Outputs to Improve Your Impact