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Establish an OSR Establish an OSR

Can Technology Accelerate Your Services Business?

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For most businesses, technology and application architecture often takes shape in the form of a tangled web of systems that can decrease productivity and increase costs. Without a digital strategy in place, it can be difficult for management to effectively oversee the day-to-day operations.

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Changing how your business works and taking full advantage of today’s technology can be challenging, but the result is a stronger organization fully equipped for the future.

In this ebook, we will provide actionable insights through the emerging model of an Operational System of Record (OSR) that’s enabling greater agility, predictability, and precision.


Address today's technology stack problems


Create a more effective digital strategy


Simplify and prioritize your technological footprint


Foster growth with an Operational System of Record


Leverage integration strategies for stronger business processes

“Mavenlink has increased visibility across our global organization. The connection between Salesforce and Mavenlink has made a major impact on how we run our business.”

Mimi Moore

Vice President of Resource Management, Huge, LLC

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