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How to Grow and Scale Your PSO in 2017

Prepare Your Professional Services Organization for a New Way of Working


Professional services has experienced a shift that will change the way organizations run their teams, forever. Service revenues are playing a greater role in driving both top-line and bottom-line growth of companies, demanding changes in long standing PSO business models. Firms are being challenged to deliver services profitably and reliably while adjusting to increased client expectations and market competition.

In order to stay relevant in 2017, you need to evolve your understanding of a PSO team.

Don't get left behind — investing in a strong PSO team will set your organization up for long-term success. Learn how to leverage your resources effectively, successfully launch new revenue-generating services, and get a step ahead of your competition.

Core Topics Include

  • How to grow and scale your PSO in 2017
  • Six-step process: launch a new offering in under 160 days
  • Escape your services bottleneck with services packages
  • How time tracking optimizes your utilization rate
  • Take a hybrid approach to employee incentive plans

Download the Guide

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