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The 2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

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Inside the Report

Service Performance Insight (SPI)’s Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark is designed to help Professional Services Organizations understand their relative performance compared to an expansive benchmark of peers for informed, successful business strategies.

The Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark provides visibility into critical business processes and key performance measurements so organizations can compare, diagnose and improve their own performance.  It provides prescriptive advice so organizations can pinpoint current levels of maturity and visualize the steps required to advance to the next level. Service Performance Insight (SPI) Research first introduced the "New Professional Services Maturity Model™" benchmark report in January, 2008. Since that time more than 35,000 PS organizations have adopted it to chart their course to service excellence.

  • 202 pages with 347 insightful charts and graphs
  • Analysis derived from 540 Professional Service Organizations representing over 163,000 consultants
  • Five-year trend analysis for 139 key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Detailed income statements
  • Analysis of the Top 20% High Performance PS firms