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The 2017 State of the Services Economy Report

Presented by Mavenlink & Gigaom


It's clear that opportunities for services providers have never been greater. In 2016, IBS estimated that the global services economy will represent a staggering $3 trillion in commercial opportunity. And it's rapidly growing.

However, there is also overwhelming consensus that the industry is in the midst of major change.

Gigaom and Mavenlink have partnered to release The 2017 State of the Services Economy report to help you better understand the transformation taking place, and how you can prepare.

Hundreds of executives from the consulting, IT services, and marketing services industries participated in the research to discuss their current business practices, and share their perception of new market opportunities and challenges.

The results are both illuminating and compelling.

Core Topics Include

  • A Fundamental Shift to Project Based Work
  • The Rise of the Services Supply Chain
  • The Increasing Complexity of a Services Business Complexity and Requirements
  • The Heightened Customer Expectations
  • Facing a New Competitive Landscape
  • And more!

Download your copy of the report and lead your services organization – and company – to success in 2017.

Download the Report

For questions about the webinar please email us at info (at) mavenlink (dot) com.

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