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2019 State of the Services Economy On-Demand Webinar

The services industry has experienced unprecedented levels of growth during the last several years and shows no signs of slowing down. Listen to Jennifer Dodos, director of marketing communications at Mavenlink, as she gives an overview on our latest research report. Mavenlink polled companies from around the world to reveal the biggest challenges and areas of opportunity in the services industry today to help you make informed decisions for long-term success.

Inside the Webinar

For the third straight year, Mavenlink has surveyed hundreds of businesses throughout the services industry to find deep insights regarding the state of the services economy, including today’s most important trends, challenges, and priorities.

Most importantly, the market is growing and services organizations are changing, adopting new technology and targeting a wider range of clients than ever before. This is evidenced by the six industry trends detailed within this report. The companies that make the most of these trends will not only stand out today, but will become tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Topics Covered
  • The greatest pressures affecting services businesses today
  • The six industry trends shaping the biggest opportunities and challenges
  • Peer insights into the changing services industry from companies around the world

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