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The Five Most Critical Project Metrics

Learn how to understand the data that is driving your business and measure success.


The phenomenon of chasing growth at the expense of profit margin can happen in any business, but this is nowhere more true than in a professional or creatives services business.

Yes, you’ve been busy. Yes, you've served clients. But you could be less busy and serve more clients — and be more profitable.

The following ebook will discuss the five most critical metrics that every services business needs to have readily available, and how to calculate them, so you can turn your data into decisions. 

Learn How To:

  • Measure and track success and issues impacting your profitability
  • Leverage data to make real-time project and resource decisions
  • Calculate critical data points and organize into essential reports

Download the Ebook

For questions about the ebook please email us at info (at) mavenlink (dot) com.

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