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The White-Collar Gig Economy

On-Demand 5 Minute Video

There is a Powerful Force Shaping the Future of Work

Legacy workforce models designed to drive efficiency and predictability are quickly giving way to an on-demand model. With the hyperspecialization of work today, coupled with the shorter duration of project assignments, the ability to scale at will is necessary to compete.

Inside this Webisode

This brief video will discuss Mavenlink research results on the White-Collar Gig Economy. We surveyed 300 executives across a wide range of industries to assess the current state of the on-demand workforce. From the research, we derived four trends that we feel are powerful forces shaping the future of work.

You Will Learn
  • How executives perceive the shift to an on-demand workforce
  • What companies look for in freelancers
  • The challenges associated with using contractors
  • The personal and organizational benefits of contract work

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