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A Look at the Current Impact of the Talent War on PMOs
Do You Have Purpose-built Technology to Succeed?

LIVE Webinar with Q&A
July 29 | 9am pt / 12 pm et

Expert insights into how to beat the resource challenges holding your company back.

Powerful dynamics are reshaping professional services. Increasing client expectations, shorter project timelines and an increasing contingent workforce make delivering projects on time and on budget more challenging every day. Running a successful PMO in today’s rapidly changing business environment requires alignment of processes and technology to optimize your resources.

In this session Peter Taylor, Project Management Influencer, and Michelle James, Senior Director of Operations, Mavenlink, will discuss the challenges PMOs are facing today and the steps that can be taken to deliver the clarity, control and confidence needed to succeed in a today’s dynamic professional services world.

Join this live interactive webinar to share your experiences, hear from your peers, and learn new techniques from our experts that will help you succeed.


Featured Speakers:

Peter Taylor, Project Management Influencer


Michelle James, Senior Director of Operations, Mavenlink




"With Mavenlink, not only will our people be more fully engaged, but we’ll also be able to easily resolve downtime and get the most out of our internal talent."

Brandon Ledford

Vice President, Human Capital, MGT Consulting Group

5 Steps to more profitable projects